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How to Sell Your Home For The Highest Price Possible
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Here's How to Avoid Mistakes That Could Cost Hundreds, Even Thousands of Dollars When You Sell Your Home !
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Exerts from Ana Anita's Report:

For Sale By Owner vs. Hiring an Agent
Many homeowners believe that to get the most money out of their home sale they should sell it themselves, thereby saving the commission they would otherwise pay to a broker. Indeed, approximately one-fourth of home sellers each year do not use a real estate broker and about 72 percent of those are happy with the results they achived.

However, close to half of that 72 percent also stated that the next time around they would hire a real estate professional to help them sell. Why?

For many, the time, paperwork, research and hassles involved in gettingg their home sold on their own were not worth the amount of money they saved in commisions to a broker.

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"How to Sell Your Home For  The Highest Price Possible"
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